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In the back, use a padded floor jack in the middle of the rear cross bar (under the rear of the transaxle) and place jack stands on either side of the cross bar. Make sure the floor jack is centered so as to not crush the underside of the cross bar. In the front, I prefer to use a floor jack per side. The jack stands go under the curved part of the "frame" near the front of the doors.

I just did mine. Jacked the rear and put stands on the rear rails by the A arms as others have mentioned, then worked 2 jacks from the front at the same time on each rail then placed stands on the two rails by the A arms. But cuz I'm anal and afraid of CA quakes I had extra 12" X 12" thick pieces of wood that I stacked on the floor just rear of the front tires and left one jack just touching on the rear jack point. Yes overkill, but I'm not ready to have a legacy to be crushed by my Pantera.

Talking about jacking, I got all this from Harbor Freight. I know Harbor Freight recalled their own jack stands years ago, but the improvements they made on these are top notch. Especially the welds are superior to any of the popular Big Red, Pro-Lift, Omega etc. They even welded in another bar inside the stand where all jacks typically split, no one else has done that. IMG_5104[1]IMG_5106[1]


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