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your kit is the cleanest and the case and plastic liner are the best condition of any kit that I have seen. It would be a shame to destroy the liner during shipping, as happened with the kit I bought so many years ago. Those large metal tools will destroy that liner long before it is delivered to the buyer.

Earlier this year I stumbled across a kit that I resold to an owner in Utah. I shipped all of the tools in a flat rate USPS box. Very economical, VERY well packed and heavily wrapped with fiberglass reinforced tape to ensure package integrity. The large pipe piece did not fit and it was packaged by itself. The case should be shipped empty by itself. You ....might.... be able to leave the pipe in the case without shattering the liner if you pack it very well.

Good luck


053DEBB2-2429-4E48-94A6-F00091A8DC24This is the link to the article at Pantera place that has photos and information about the kit I bought many years ago

admittedly, most of the tools in the kit are seldom needed by a Pantera owner. I have basically used them just once during rebuilding of a local owners car. I am sure the tools would’ve been handy for other owners, but despite hundreds of California owners I am not conveniently near to most of them to loan tools out for their projects.

Tools will allow you to correctly and safely disassemble/ assemble the rear uprights, remove/install a arm bushings, remove and install ball joints and disassemble the shock coil springs.

I think the ideal use for one of these kits is for it to be a loaner tool made available to your fellow local owners. When you kick the bucket, have your estate donate it as a targeted raffle prize for the next fun rally. 😉



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that is a more than fair price and a good notion to see it going to someone who can share it with their nearby fellow owners.

The OEM plastic case for this tool set is totally and completely inadequate for shipping. Getting these kits spread out geographically so they are available to more owners would be a great thing.


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