We are downsizing our home. If my new house does not have a garage I will need to sell my car, but I have no idea where to sell it or how much it is worth. I would love some feedback. The good:
It is a white 1972 with small chrome bumpers. It has no dents, and wears its original 1972 paint. It still has the original Block, and the interior is original. The body and frame are almost rust free. I drive it about 500 miles per year and it runs well. The odometer reads about 19000 miles. I also still have the original wheels and radiator. The lights turn signal, and electric windows all work.

The modifications:
My dad rebuilt the engine. My uncle is friends with the owner of the shop that did much of the work. He has told me that the engine is stroked to 402 CI, and that it makes 560 HP. While I cannot confirm that here are the facts. I removed the valve covers to set the lash, and discovered shaft mounted solid roller rockers with bearings on both ends of each rocker shaft. The MSD ignition has an 8000 RPM rev limiter, and with a light street start I ran the 1/4 mile at ATCO NJ in 11.4 seconds at 127 MPH. I only did that once, and it was the first time I ever drove a 1/4 mile. It also has upgraded brakes with separate front and rear master cylinders.

The Bad:
My dad built the car. His philosophy was as long as it works and goes fast it is good. I don't have the money to give it the TLC it deserves, so I have been maintaining it myself.
There is a small rust spot along the bottom of the drivers door. The inside of the front trunk is rusty, but it needs to be replaced, because my dad's brake upgrade left a hole from the trunk into the cabin above the brake peddle. THE speedo cable broke, and I have put about 2000 miles on since, and there is no way to verify the actual mileage. The stock wheels don't fit over the aftermarket brakes, and the aftermarket wheels are permanently coated in dark gray break dust. I think it is chemically bonded in place. The original paint is showing its age. When I got the car there was no AC condenser. My 3 year old turned on the AC, and the compressor seized so I removed it. Most recently it dumped its coolant, and although I was able to identify the location of the leak was where the return hose from the heating core exits the center tunnel, I could not get my hand in to remove the hose, so I just attached a hose from the heating core output of the water pump to the return bypassing the heating core. Bottom line no heat and no AC. Also I removed the wipers, because they did not work.

I assume it would be a restoration project for the next owner, but I have no idea what it is worth, or where I would sell it. I will add some pics to this thread when I have time.

ANy input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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glad you are bringing up the question of value. iam sorry you are having to sell your dads car because of the memories.i hope everyone can help you get what the car is worth. some people will probably run it in the ground because of the things you say is wrong,but you dont have to give it away.it has value to you and to itself for what it is. good luck
Thanks mark. I actually thought it would be worth less than $30000, but Im still open to feedback. I don't know if I'm selling yet that is why this is not in the for sale section. Ebay charges a lot for non vehicle items. How much do they charge on cars?
Originally posted by icole:
Thanks mark. I actually thought it would be worth less than $30000, but Im still open to feedback. I don't know if I'm selling yet that is why this is not in the for sale section. Ebay charges a lot for non vehicle items. How much do they charge on cars?
This should help you.

For myself personally, you mentioned what "I" look for in a Sports car that I am interested in purchasing, that being your statement of..."The body and frame are almost rust free." & VERY IMPORTANT!!!... " It has no dents and wears it original paint".

Those two factors right there make your Pantera EXTREMELY DESIRABLE!!! to a discerning buyer.

A car can only have "Original Paint" ONCE!!! & alerts a potential buyer that NO body work has been done.

I believe you are going to be pleasantly surprised at the value of the Pantera!...Mark

For non trade sales (less than 6 vehicles in a year) eBay rates are very competitive, a listing fee of tens of dollars depending on options selected and $125 selling fee.

I would be tempted to set a healthy reserve and see where bidding goes intially and if it doesn't sell relist it slightly lower. Project Pantera shells with an accompanying box of bits have been selling close to 30K recently. I think there is a sub market for people who want to get in at that level.
Not a bad first run at the drags. At my local track, New England Dragway, that might have have been your only run.
Below 11.50 ET requires a roll bar and a list of other items too. Your wristband would have been snipped.
Good luck, whatever you decide to do.
I haven't been on a computer since Friday. It was a beautiful weekend and I spent it water skiing with my family. I am trying to sell my house. If I do none of the houses we are looking at have enclosed garages. If we buy one of them I will sell the car, because I won't have a place to keep it.

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