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Long time lurker on the site, longer time dreamer of owning one (missed my chance years ago before the prices rose). I've been reading up on the buying guides, trying to educate myself, joined the necessary forums/websites, and been looking at the cars out there in my price range... ish. I'm in Los Angeles, and don't need a finished car, I want to be able to work on it while I drive it. I miss that driving around in my C7 Vette with a warranty where everything is brand new. And I want to drive it so originality not as important as reliability (I've always been more of a restomod guy). I have about $50-60K to spend (I know that's on the low end) but also going to eventually sell my 2016 Corvette which I'm driving around now. I've had/restored old muscle cars, Grand National, DeLorean, etc... so I know what owning an older car is like; but obviously not as exotic. I'm most handy with interior, electrical and suspension work as opposed to body work. From what I've read so far, finding a rust free/repaired body is the #1 priority for these cars anyway.

I know they have a bad rep and their cars are usually in bad condition, but since I'm not far, I may check out the two Panteras at Beverly Hills Car Club just to look and start familiarizing myself with actual cars in person. I saw the satin/flat black car for sale up in NorCal so might check in on that one -- if anybody knows that car more personally, please let me know. Would also love to meet any local owners who might be willing to share any knowledge on the cars, or even better, recommend a car I might not know of for sale (lunch on me!). I saw that there are 3 clubs in Socal, but none in LA proper... Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Diego. Any other LA/valley owners meet up at other shows or cruises in the area?

Thanks in advance for any help, guidance, ridicule, shaming, or plain indifference. It seems like a pretty tight knit community, but also a pretty friendly one... if I don't ask anything too stupid, which I can't guarantee.

Soon to be Pantera owner (I hope!),


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Hi Riley,

Also here in Los Angeles.   Five years ago or so, if you'd have made me an offer like what you have to spend, I probably would have sold mine as I was never driving it, my Jaguar was quicker, easier to drive, I didn't have to worry about how much traffic or whether or not it was over 80F, and I didn't have to wonder if it was going to start.  I made the decision to make my car more drivable with upgrades like fuel injection, a new 500hp Cleveland, all new leather interior with C-4 Corvette seats, headers and new exhaust, flush windshield glass and harnesses, and I've just gotten it back after well over 4 years.  You should talk to Mike Mayberry, forum member King, I believe.  He always has a couple of projects he's working on in the San Fernando Valley, and he sells them very reasonably.  If you're wanting to drive one, P.M. me, and you're welcome to come by and take mine out.  Still taking it in next week to finish a couple little things, but that will only take a day or two.

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