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Good evening

This is my first post and would like your feedback. I have been on and off looking to buy a Pantera. Lately, I have found some listings that really sound to be too good to be true. The last three listings I contacted the "owner", I got feedback fairly quickly, but all came back with a similar type of story: The owner of the car is no longer in the US and needs to sell the car. One car was in Europe (provided IDs, pictures etc), but could ship to near me so I can review at no charge; another I could come by to look at the card, and the last one he would have the ship to me from the west coast, I would pay the haulage company, which would pay him and he states I have 7 days to return the car. I am not much of a gambler, but how many of you have actually gone thru a similar experience or does this sound like a total rip off?

Thank you

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those comments sound like a ripoff to me! a couple such recent ads have actually been discussed here.

There are some REAL NICE cars for sale by owners. Just look more diligently from reliable sources, like here or the other Club.

I just saw a private posting for a Texas car for $85K, if that is what you are looking for
Here's one for your consideration (not connected with me in any way...). I think it's the same one JFB is talking about.

Yellow '72 FS in Texas

All those other deals are scams.

Anything that sounds wacky is wacky.

Anything that says "I'll pay you extra money, and you 'fill in the blank'" is an attempt to rip you off.

Sometimes they just want your deposit, or the $2K they "pay" you by forged cashier's check for the shipping. Then you pay with "real" money, then 2 weeks later the cashier's check turns up as bad.

Don't fall for it.

Stick with reputable sites. This one, the DeTomaso Digest, the POCA Web site. I had good luck on Hemmings.

Good Luck

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