Great stuff Brian. After spending many years working on my car, I am jealous of all the fun your going to have as you start at the beginning.

Learning about your car as you go - and there's nothing wrong with taking your time - is a very fulfilling part of Pantera ownership. I look forward to following your progress.

I love the colour. And the Arriva tires! Enjoy the ride.
Hi Brian, I'm doing the samething on 2012. Had passenger floor, rockers changed and rear wheel house repaired this summer. Lot of work but worth the result...Next summer, i should start the body rust repairs (hood, doors, windshield frame and ultimately beautifull group IV steels wheel flares from Wilkinson Pantera. I couldn't have more pleasant vacations and already looking for the comming ones...Hope you get the same fun and pleasure...It is completely stripped and drive attention already...few unknown neighbours pass by and stop asking me on what kind of car I was working!!!
Have fun and enjoy...

Your Pantera story is so much like mine! I purchased my car 11 years ago. Two beautiful daughters and 7 years later, I finally began work on this project. It is now nearly complete.

I began by disassembling the car and acid dipping the chassis. I do not regret doing this; there are many areas that cannot be accessed by normal means and there were several problem areas uncovered. I did not do the body work, but I did everything else in my cramped backyard garage.

I updated a gallery, linked below:

Big Block Restoration Gallery

I have found this forum to be a fantastic resource. In addition, the Pantera owners that live in my area are the best!

Good luck! I look forward to following your blog and watching your progress.


Enjoy the ride/time working on the car. 12 years ago I bought mine also. I have cherished almost every minute I have worked on 6656 yes even the blood cuts and bad words. I look forward to watching your car become the vehicle of your dreams like mine has become for me take your time ask if you want help and when you ready... enjoy the ride! Smiler
Brian, the back window was the only part of my car that I did NOT remove during restoration! But looking at yours, I'm glad I didn't! I find it odd however that this is not a piece of tempered glass. It broke like a piece of safety glass. Is this typical for all Panteras?
Brian, I broke my rear window glass during installation. Because it is flat, it was relatively cheap and easy to get one cut out of auto safety glass at a local glass shop, using the original as the pattern. The new glass was slightly thinner but fit and looks as good as the original.

Will try and get you a measurement.
My car is remote and not sure when I will get back to it though.

Maybe someone else can chime in.

Yea, not super worried about the back glass as it is nice and flat. Goot to know though that an automotive glass shop will cut a new one with a pattern.

A couple of small updates on the pages.

The car is back at my house for the winter.

I added an electrical page and have a question about a door switch and how to remove it. It is the last thing holding the harness in place.

Check it out and let me know what you think.
Thanks Corey.

Yep, a good hard pull and out it popped with a couple of small bullet connectors on the back.

Got to look on the wiring diagram I have to see why there are 2.
Maybe one for the dome light and one for the door courtesy light? Will double check when I get some time.
Got to look on the wiring diagram I have to see why there are 2.
Maybe one for the dome light and one for the door courtesy light? Will double check when I get some time.

The upper one is for the dome light AND the door light. The lower one is for the ignition key warning buzzer.

Oho, so you have two... In both doors too?

Kid, just the left door.

Hey Brian, I was looking at some of your body pics on your blog. Funny thing, My car had some panels brazed in place too. It is ok to weld with a oxy/ acetylye torch with a mild steel filler rod, I have used coat hangars. Mig is even better. You need to make friends with KITTY HAIR. It will be long strand fiberglass filler. I use it anywhere there is any signifigant depth. I do paint and body repair everyday so I'm here for ya' Bill 1362

I have seen many of your posts and can appreciate the work you do.

I love to do body work and love painting.
I do not do this by trade so I am not a professional. I am sure I will be asking some questions as I am finding more things on this car that confuse me on the build.

I might put up some more pics of the body soon.
I am trying to get it media blasted this winter to see what I really have.

I at least have the tools to do all of this. I just need to get my MIG welding skills a bit better as well as my TIG. I have good machines of both types so I am only limited on my abilities.

Thanks for the offer to answer any questions.
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