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Four Pantera Le Mans Wheels - 17" x 12.5" rears 17" x 9.5" fronts.  One front and one rear has pinhole leak at weld.  I believe these would be as easy JB Weld fix.  Mounted with older Sport Pilots - 335/35/17 and 245/40/17.
There's also a dent on the inside barrel of one of the rears that does not leak

Fit my stock body 1973 with 1/2" spacer at rear.
Will not separate - must buy all four.  Prefer local pickup in Seattle, but could probably ship as well - not sure the cost, maybe $150?
$1,100 OBO


Images (8)
  • Four LeMans Wheels
  • Front w-leak
  • front
  • inner rear
  • rear tire
  • Wheel1
  • Wheel7
  • Wheel8
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