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Hi everyone,

my name is Georg(e) and i am from Germany. So first: sorry for my bad english.  

I am thinking about buying a Pantera for several years now and finally decided to get one. 

Of course it would be best to find one here in Europe, but i imported my Dodge Charger in 2012, so if you are not in a hurry, an offer from America would be fine too.

I am looking in the prize range of 75000€ (85000$) and preferably the car is quite close to original, because of the German TÜV. 


Thanks a lot,



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Good morning, we have Panteras in stock always ready to export from Port of Miami, we ship quite a lot of Panteras to Germany. Prices range from 36,000.00 for rust free cars needing body & paint, others from 60,000.00 blocked, ready for paint, fresh engine, fresh interior/seats/carpet/headliner/clutch pack/starter, everything to complete the car. Must be painted & assembled here or in Germany. Using these options you can choose the color of choice. We can sell them as is or complete them using modern components. Moving into the 85k range we can offer an excellent chrome bumper car, & we welcome inspections here at Pantera Miami. Contact us through the websight panteramiami.com or 305-322-9108

Viel Glück bei Ihrer Suche, denken Sie daran, wenn Sie ein Auto brauchen, das hier in den USA inspiziert wird, oder wenn Sie Pantera-Teile / -Service benötigen. Sharkey

Be Aware , a $85k car into the USA cost you including tax shipping insurance €85k on this side of the ocean.

And than it's not have the TUV jet.

The US (low) standards comparing the Euro (high) standards are total different .

German car dealers also must give a warranty , thats why the dealer prices are much higher advertised here  .

US people think that there is only a high profit .


Hi Georg, I was just transferred to London from California and I am having my 1974 (95% original) Pantera shipped from California to London. It's in a container on a transport ship currently on the way to UK. I have even got the orange turn signal/indicator taillight lenses that I have to put on the car to be able to drive it in UK. My car is in excellent condition and I do not intent to sell it unless I get offered a good price. What you are offering is a bit low for a clean unmolested car in original factory condition. I am going to register it here in UK. If you like I can email you pictures of it. My email is mikedegani@yahoo.com

However, as I said, if you need an original Pantera in excellent condition with almost no work needed (I have to get the A/C working, it was blowing cold air a few months ago), you need to pay more. Take care. Mike

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