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I use to have the pic of that Pantera on the stone highway as my screen saver. I really like the looks of it.

I toyed with doing a GT5s coversion to mine because if it, but after I found out the price the vendors wanted for the fenders I was out. It just seemed outrageous when compared to a steel GT5 kit. And as of now - I have done neither. Go figure.

Hi David,

I have seen that car online before in photos on a web site that is attributed to Willi Braun in Germany. A link to his website is here:

Willi Braun Pantera Website

Go to the Bildergalerie and you have to hit the white triangle by the photo to go to another page, but the orange car is found on the first Bildergalerie. My german is nonexistant -- so I would have to rely on Babelfish to translate anything -- but it looks like there is a Kontakt area on the website too -- so I would think you would be able to get in touch with him if need be.

BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!

Slow but sure. Flew to Reno to get the front hood air duct design work completed at Prototype Concepts. Going to do the front hood in carbon fiber with the duct built into the hood. Should turn out well.

After that the car goes back to Paramount to continue getting put back together before body and paint.

It's been a long road, and it ain't over yet.


Originally posted by DeMopuar:
Slow but sure. Flew to Reno to get the front hood air duct design work completed at Prototype Concepts.

You should have let me known you were in town. Peter does some very interesting projects over at Prototype Concepts.

Originally posted by Peter H:
Roland Jaeckel reports as follows:

"It is build by Tassilo Suess of S+C Motorsport. The fenders are fiberglass".

Peter, thanks for the information.

I googled the above information but did not find anything regarding this company. Does anyone have or know of a source (preferably from the U.S.A.) that sells GT5S fiberglass fenders. I have had no luck with the normal vendors and just can't swing $8,000 for steel.

I do remember a thread awhile ago where someone was building a GT5S in carbon fiber but I believe it was a one off.

Thanks a ton for any info you can provide.

Hi Julian,

Didn't even think of it -- my bad. I did see a gorgeous black Pantera driving east on East Greg Street on one of the work week days in the first full week of June. Don't know who's car that was, but it looked great in the flyby that I witnessed.

Yes, my car is over there right now if you want to take a look at it. They should be starting on the plug any day now -- the project should take three to four weeks to complete. Should be killer when it's done.



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