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Argh. Decided to replace my sort of crusty original nuts (make your own joke!) while having some other work done.

The original lugs on my car are:

Chrome, acorn, 12mm x 1.5, about 1.25" tall by - and here's the kicker - 7.8". (My 7/8 wrench fits them fine, but I'll assume it's metric, like 23mm?)

Anyway, I can't find these ANYWHERE. Scoured the internet. Any sources you guys recommend?

I can get 13/16" all day long, but then my tool kit wrench doesn't fit and all that. Help.
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I now have my perfect but 'unoriginal' lug nuts and can't even see them while sitting in my Vette seats.

Man, it really is incredible how much difference these lugs make. I got the 13/16 acorn bulge from Summit. Kept my old ones of course. Maybe I'll work up the courage to get them chromed one day, but I'm happy... for now.

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