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Someone here posted the idea (I'm sorry, I forget who) to use magnetic sheeting (like they use for signs on the sides of work trucks) as headliner material and attaching the headliner to it. This sounded a lot better than wrestling upside down aerosol glue and a sticky headliner so I bought a piece of 60 mil adhesive magnet from

I cut it to size:
2021-10-23 19.16.13

Then attached the headliner to the adhesive side.
Then set it in place.
Turned out perfect. It also acts like Dynamat in that it dampens the resonance of the roof.
way it was WAY easier than fighting upside down adhesive spray and trying to wrestle a floppy piece of headliner into place.


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Hi Mike,
Most people replace the headliner because they start to droop and spread disintegrated foam dust everywhere. If yours is just the vinyl attached to the roof, it's probably a replacement. Pretty easy to remove, it's getting the old glue off that's hard.

The aftermarket one I got from Hall and, I believe the factory one as well, are vinyl laminated to thin foam:


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@mpaschetto posted:

Thanks J,

My (original?) headliner is attached directly to the roof, no foam to be found.
I suppose I could buy the magnetic material and see if it stays in place before going thru the trouble of removing the existing headliner...


I bought a 5' roll of this magnetic material to see if it would stay in place over my existing doesn't.
If anyone would like it, you can have it for what I paid, and I'll ship it to you for free; you'll save roughly $30 shipping and tax.

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