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Hi all, just thought I’d let you guys know what an amazing reaction I got to my Mangusta on the Targa Florio Classic in Sicily which I did just over 2 weeks ago
It takes place annually over 3 days, strictly speaking the competition element is a regularity rally where you have to travel small distances in very precise times, ( REAL slow) with penalties for every 1/1000 second over / under
Lowest number of points wins. We didn’t!! We got lots of points…..

This keeps the organisers on right side of the law which doesn’t allow any road racing.
Only everyone ignores it and the locals certainly want you to ignore it and drive as fast as you can!
Especially when you drive a Mangusta, in red, one which is a noisy converted race car!!
I even managed to say “no it’s not a Ferrari or Maserati and yes, its a pretty rare car” in Italian just like a local by the end of the event

753 kms in 3 days is probably more than my car has done in the past 10 years but it survived.

wasn’t without issues though….

Firstly whatever you think it’s like driving in an Italian City at 5pm on Friday you can multiply it by 10 in Palermo, Sicily
They’re nuts!! At times we had a police motorcycle escort but the locals just ignored him so we sat along with everyone trying to chat in a mixture of English and Italian. We became fluent in hand gestures, smiling and shoulder shrugging.

But mad in a good way, I have to say the reaction was always really really friendly.
Especially when they told us we were losing water in the drive to centre of town - turned out the car had an inch of water in bottom from heavy rain on way down and when I put the fan override it blew a relay, must have shorted out, thankfully a relatively easy fix.

At times the traffic was biblical, even out of town, as a race car we had poly/perspex side windows which only dropped 2/3 inches so I’d installed a Vintage Air A/C system (will post about that separately) as thought it would be better than factory (it was certainly very cool) although it then proved to use so much power that with the electric fans, the a/c fans, the blower fans and a under driven pulley system (should have seen that one!) we eventually managed to drain the battery. It’s amazing how quickly 6 young Sicilians can push a car! The roar when it fired into life and splattered them with Hydrocarbons said they enjoyed it.

If you speak Italian, and your (very) quick at translating, the local TV crew had a great time with the Mangusta at the finish, hopefully the link works.

I’ve now done a couple of events in Italy and while the cars, scenery and food and wine are amazing, it’s the people who really make these events. They just wouldn’t be the same without their passion and love

The event isn’t as high profile as the Mille Miglia but attracted crews from W Coast US, Australia, Europe and Argentina.
A great event, if you ever get chance to compete or watch I’d thoroughly recommend it

It’s an real adventure!!

Especially in a Goose.



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The event is over 4 days, first day is registration and technical checks, and a drive into centre to assemble and start in the evening, pretty relaxed. About 75 cars for Classic and same number of Ferraris for a tribute event. Then each of the next 3 days you start from and finish in Palermo and go on a route around Sicily, Day 2 south to Marsala and then back along coast (stunning scenery) around 300kms, Day 3 is east along the original Madonie Targa Florio circuit 300kms and Day 4 150 kms (half a day its a "light" day finishing lunchtime in tow for a few beers). How they raced those roads in period I do not know,

The website is and the organisers couldn't have been more helpful. They actively want overseas crews to participate. Pre 76 (I think) cars can participate. 1,800 Euros if you don't use their hotels, 3,000 if you do. We did have a support car. The organisers arrange for a truck to bring cars from Northern Italy - organised chaos but it works well in the end - v Italian!

So I trailered the car to west of Milan from UK, left trailer and Mangusta there and parked car with all tools spares etc in Milan airport 1 week before. Support guy flew out to Milan, picked car up and drove to Sicily. Worked out well (haven't got any speeding tickets for support car yet...) and then reversed the process 4 days after event.
They do have basic recovery and assistance follow you and quite a few people did it without support but this was my cars first big event since I'd bought it and turned out to be a good call.... Would definitely recommend event, people great, scenery stunning, evenings in Palermo lively but it was a long way for us. If you or anyone else wants more info happy to assist.

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