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I have been scratching around looking for a matching black interior vinyl for restoration and repair on 6997.While the cigar lighter missed socket burn rings add that 70s devil may care character, I think I am over them.

After looking at many many vinyl's I can tell you all black vinyl is not created equal. I thought a match was going to be impossible.   

On the off chance I finally brought some vinyl from  Decorative Fabrics Direct -775 Atlanta South Pkwy, Ste 200 College Park, Georgia 30349
404-351-8480 (local) / 888-633-2658 (toll free).

First picture is the original vinyl from the center console area. Second is the new material.

Vinyl pattern center console

Vinyl Pattern rawhide new material

The pattern impressed in the vinyl  is exactly the same as the original - like its from the original machine profile roll as per  1970. The new material looks very slightly more matt than the aged interior vinyl in 6997  , but it could be 50 annual coats of protectant on the old stuff. You can see the grain of the substrate material coming through on the old vinyl.

The material designation is Nassimi Rawhide PN502 Black. (Item VPR001 Auto Upholstery vinyl Fabric ).

If you are looking to match the original vinyl or need to do a part repair in the future I don't think you could get any closer - and its only $13/m.

I could not be happier with the match.

If you need some get it while its still there.


Images (2)
  • Vinyl pattern center console
  • Vinyl Pattern rawhide new  material
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My dash is in pretty good condition as are the door panels so I was only intending to do the center console section and potentially the rear bulkhead panel. I had not thought of the fact they may look slightly different but I guess I can address that if it is an issue.

I am just amazed you can still get this material without having to pay a fortune for it !


Having worked in the textile industry my whole life, when Riley needed to match the fabric to redo parts of his interior, I took him to one of my sources in Sylmar, CA, Ronco Industries.  Ronco is a wholesale upholstery supplier that also sells some fabrics, foam, and all types of supplies.  The Rawhide as Riley previously posted is a perfect match.  If you need any help, let me know, as I'm only about 15 minutes away and would be happy to pick it up for you and ship it. 

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