I have an early '71 car (#1575) and currently there is a rubber pinch molding surrounding the opening on the rear deck lid. I am told that the original molding was actually aluminum, mitred at the corners. Does anyone know where I could obtain the original style aluminum  molding?



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❓❓I suppose anything is possible, especially on the very early cars, but .....

 Sounds like one of those stories like—-

“Hey, my uncle had a Pantera and it had the standard 327 Chevy; what does yours have ?”

 I however will remain curiously interested in seeing what others may add to this thread. 



Larry, let your curiosity be satiated.

The original moulding indeed is aluminum. Comes in 3 pieces. Don't recall ever seeing seen them for sale. I was contemplating putting one of my sets on e-bay. . My '71 (#1797) had them.


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In the world of De Tomaso there is always the opportunity to learn something new. 😉

This change in design was likely pushed by Ford for a much easier, and cheaper, solution to a finish trim on that pinch weld. 

Gotta love the collective knowledge of our Family. 👍👍


All the cars I've seen use owner-or-shop-added 1/4" black rubber or plastic door edge covering to the decklid opening, as was mentioned. I suppose a flexible chromed-plastic door edge strip could also be fitted. Our Sept '72 car was bare as are/were most other cars. Never took the time to look at the early car Parts Iist (available for free download from the POCA Archives) to see if there was a factory part available.

Given that Ford even deleted zerk fittings from the u-joints, ball joints & tie rod ends to save a few pennies for that under-$10,000 price, I'm surprised if they added such trim as-stock. As you say- learn something every day...

When I had all the work done on my car, I bought a roll of the black door protector moulding that you can buy at any Pep Boys or Autozone for a few dollars.  Getting around the corners is not perfect, however, if you take a hair dryer to it and warm it up, it bends and shapes very easily.

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