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Thats a problem. I newer sucseeded with anything but Mallory unilite size distributor. At least NOT with the BB ford and definetley not with the HEMI motor. Unilite use one of the smaller caps so I refabricated the Hemi dist for this cap.
I use a MSD 6-al amp and has not discowered any spark jumping within the cap, but they do need to be replaced once in a while.
Goran Malmberg
Thanks guys, MSD makes a distributor specially for the Windsor with the Victor Jr. intake manifold. Clearance of the intake mainfolds not a problem. The large distributor cap has me a little worried. I don't believe Mallory makes anything for my setup. Just thought I'd throw this one out on the board. I'll phone MSD and Mallory and see if they have any answers.

Thanks again!
If you're willing to do a little experiment, it may be possible to increase the cap clearance on your Pantera at zero cost but some effort.
1)- the upper motormount holes from mounts to block are slotted. Loosen all 4 bolts up but do not remove the bolts.
2)- remove both horizontal transaxle mount bolts
3)- carefully jack up the engine AND transaxle so no weight is on the motor mounts, and pry the whole package backward.
You may want to bend the rearmost ZF mount tabs a little and add custom shims to fill the larger gap that will be created. The tabs simply locate the ZF while all the loads are taken by the subframe so no structural issues should result. Its possible to shift the engine 1/2" or more back without problems from exhausts, hoses or wires etc. I believe this is why we always get a few owners who say, "Gee, I put on a big-cap distributor and have no firewall clearance issues!" Let us know the year of your car & how it worked if you do this.
Goran, when I say "setup" I mean the windsor 9.5 block and Victor Jr. intake. Most of the guys on the forum seem to be using the Cleveland block and different intake. I could be wrong but the distributor hole on the windsor block and Victor intake might be mounted a little more forward in the block making the MSD pro billet unit unusable.

Kaamacat, I did see the listing on the MSD site of the smaller base unit that you have but they don't make one for my "setup". Ugh! I suppose I was reaching or hoping someone might have my same "setup" using the MSD distributor that is listed on on the MSD site and tell me it fit or they had to go to another vendor.

Guys, as always many thanks for your input.

Damn Jack, thats a creative idea. Perhaps I'll dummy the block in the chassis with the transmission and measure it out. I haven't fabricated the exhaust as of yet so thats not a problem. What about drive shaft to axle angles? I have a 1971. Another thing that concerns me is the rear transmission mount. It basically mounts to the very rear bottom panel. The later cars have two transmission mounts left/Right that attach to the frame. A little afraid that i don't change this that the motor I'm building will twist the rear lower panel?


Your early ZF with the single rear mount can easily be upgraded to an aftermarket dual sidemount system. I know Dennis Quella at Pantera Performance Center (Denver) has a great SS unit that uses the stock side mount holes on your ZF and the rear sway bar anchor points. Call 303-660-9897. Go to the following to see what they look like.

You may have to cut and paste this long URL to get there.
I just installed a 351W with the MSD billet dist. It does fit even with the extra soundproofing and SS firewall. It is tight but enought to allow for easy removal and timing ajustments even with 8.5mm wires.

While you are at it, take a look at the shortened waterpump from Ford Racing. The shaft is 1.5 inches shorter then stock. The H20 shaft and pulley are the main components which egress into the passenger compartment. I purchased a stock pump but just ordered the shorter version.
As far as halfshaft angles, I used to worry about that too. Until Don & Bobby Byars of PreProformance started adapting 512 Ford big-blocks to Panteras. Basically, they shove the whole powertrain back more than 3" on custom motor & tranny mounts. Sounds deadly but Bobby drove a customer car to 'Vegas two different years and open-tracked the beast both times, with no u-joint or other problems. Can't argue with what works.. thats a huge lump in a Pantera but the firewall bulge is stock. Actually, a stock Pantera halfshaft runs at a slight compound angle anyway, after I got around to checking.
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