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I'm getting ready to install the Pantera Electronics Tesla electronic parking brake and need to get longer brake lines.
Before I do I wanted you guys to take a look at what I have. Is this a standard set up?
If so, what size are the brake lines? They look like -3AN.6B8B11F1-6A80-42F8-8211-ABF836FBECD3AC8A3BE3-B078-406D-957C-45CC57709DD5
Also, does anyone know what length is needed to relocate the calipers?
@Percy ?


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  • 6B8B11F1-6A80-42F8-8211-ABF836FBECD3
  • AC8A3BE3-B078-406D-957C-45CC57709DD5
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That is an original flexible brake line. It extends through the engine bay’s sheet metal where the hard brake line couples to it with a female nut. The flex brake line is secured to the sheet metal with a jam nut.

On the caliper there is an adapter that connects to the flex brake line. It uses copper crush washers for sealing. Your new flex brake line probably will not use the adapter.

Sorry, I don’t know the the thread size or coupling types  

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A 16" long U.S-made flex hose frt & back seems to fit most Panteras. I always called that odd little double-female fitting an 'extension'. Yes- the sizes are the euro version of AN-dash-3 both hard line & flexible. And when one guy bought the whole Gr-3 brake system complete from DeTomaso ($$$$), all 4 new calipers  came with those same crimp-end stainless flex hoses direct from Italy. I installed the system- easy 4-hr job including new wide rotors, Gr-5 type calipers, new booster & master cyl.

Thanks David.
Duh. :facepalm
I was just a little hesitant to crack them open.
Pretty neat design.
In case someone digs this up in the future, here's what it looks like:
Unbolt them in this orientation so the metal disk and the three little gears don't fall out and roll way far away under the far corner of your workbench.


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