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Does anybody have experience with the new style of bushings for the Wishbones? See video..

My concern is that they going to make noise after a while. They have not as the original ones rubber till the outer washers. The inner part does turn. It can be good but.. how long?

Is there a special grease to add or no grease? Or shall I not mount them at all?

regards Marcel


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Correct, those are the wrong bushings. The correct rubber bushings are not rotatable.

On the originals the sleeves are part of the bushing. Molded together.  It's a tough installation. In fact you may need a heavy press to do it with AND you need the special tool to hold the a-arm in the press while you do it. There is very little "meat" on the knuckle to hold the arm with.

The poly-urethane bushings however will slip right in now.

They don't squeak any more then the rubber bushings do but are grease-able where as the rubber ones aren't.

The rubber also will split eventually as well.

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I remember Steve Wilkinson stating at the Monterey fun rally a few years ago that he had a new bushing design coming that would rotate. Given that Hall is just around the corner from Wilkinson, maybe these are the new bushings Steve mentioned?

For what it is worth I just recently purchased bushings and ball joints from Maseratinet through their ebay store. I made a reasonable offer and they accepted. The bushings look stock with the exception that the outer surface that presses into the control arm is ribbed. picture taken from their ebay listing.

pantera bushings


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