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Since I found and purchased my box of 10 relays from AliExpress, I have found they are available through more standard sources, eBay and even Amazon.  most sellers will be China-based and pricing seems to greatly vary.

put this into your search engine:

JQX-38F relay

CAUTION - these relays come in multiple voltages ratings and all look the same. Make sure any that you order are 12 V  


I have stumbled across brand new relays that are a near-perfect match for the DPDT headlight relays used in our Panteras.
I don’t think the OEM relays have a high rate of failure, and often a balky relay just needs the clear cover removed and some gentle polishing of the 50 year old contacts.
But should you ever need to replace that relay, it is going to cost you about $200 from our vendors.
The new relay is an exact electrical duplicate of the OEM relay; same number and layout of the male pins.
Dimensionally they are almost exactly the same and both use the same 30 mm center-to-center spacing for the two mounting screws; M3 for OEM screws, M4 for the new relay.  
There were two OEM styles of this relay. Cars prior to VIN 5900 have a small internal jumper wire that is not present in cars after that VIN. Using a very fine-tip flat-blade screwdriver, the clear cover can be carefully removed and the unnecessary jumper removed. Personally, I would rely on a visual inspection of your current relay to determine whether the internal jumper is needed or not needed, rather than by the VIN.
As received, the new relays lacked that jumper, so I have added it to them.
There is also a very nice plug-in base for the new relay, but sadly the new pin spacing is ever so slightly different and the base will not accept the OEM relay.  If there is enough interest in the base I can order some, $5-$10 depending on quantity, but then you would likely want to buy two relays (1 spare) due to the different pin arrangement.

I will sell one relay, USA shipping included, for $20 to anyone who wishes to obtain a just-in-case spare. I will even include the necessary M4 screws.
For any fellow PCNC members I can deliver them at our December 10 Christmas party.

I’m just wanting to cover my costs on this venture, although even at $75 apiece they would still be a bargain.
Please contact me directly if you wish to make a purchase.
For any questions please add them to this email thread.
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X2 on removing the clear cover & cleaning the relay points- or at least inspecting it now & then. I had one car in that would not activate the headlight motor, said the owner. I minute under the dash with a flashlight showed the relay half full of rusty water!

His car had a decades-long build-up of rainwater at the bottom of the windshield that had rusted clear thru the cowl sheet metal and dripped directly on the relay. Fixing that car was not simple nor cheap!

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