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tank atank btank ctank dtank e'Engine Oil Blow-By Catch Tank'. With Drain Valve and Swivel Fittings.

NEW Beautiful Chrome Finish. Never Used Never Installed. A few Very Light Scratches from Storage, being moved around in the shop, Always in  a Cardboard Box!

3" Diameter...8" Tall, fittings Not in Measurement. Probably a Little Less than a Full Quart.

Chrome Fittings, as They Came with the Tank! 90 Degree Swivels to Alignment.

Chrome Drain Valve, as came with this Tank, Fine Smooth Action.

Way to 'Pretty' for My Pantera! Belongs in Your 'Show' Pantera! And I do Not want a 'Catch Tank'!

Will Stand Out in Your Pantera Engine Bay!

Yours for $125.00 Shipping in USA is FREE!!

Be the First...or have this Sold Out from Under You!!



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Original Post

...This tank can also be used as a: Vacuum, Coolant over-flow/Expansion, Air Compressor, Oil Storage...Tank.

There are 100's of Cheap Aluminum Tanks Out There and on Ebay!! Thing is...Everybody 'Got' One! Break away from the 'Followers' and have a Very Nicely Made, Chrome STEEL, Show Tank in Your SHOW Pantera!! Unique, Different, The Best!

I 'may' just keep it and use it as a Vacuum Tank!

Thank You


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