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I have a 73 pantera, with the 230 temp gauge in it. i have the rear jacked up and i topped off the rear swirl bottle and let it sit over night. This morning i ran it up to temp while still jacked up and it seems that the rear bottle cap is leaking. When i take that cap off it comes off in two parts and does not have a spring or anything in it. While letting it idle and bringing it to around 3K to move more coolant the temp would just creep over the 3rd unmarked temp on the guage. My worry is that im going to boil out the coolant. does anyone have a part number or direction for me?
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first question...Is your coolant original configuration or has it been changed.
the original has the "swirl" tank with the radiator pressure cap and the "overflow" tank with just a flat cap.

also, I was thinking the FRONT should be raised to get the air to the front of the engine block and thus up and out to the thermostat.

besides filling the swirl, while running, the top of the radiator is vented


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JFB is correct with his comments.

The diagram he shows has a little green bleed off the top front of the radiator going to the water pump return. My car didn't have this, just a petcock on the drivers side upper corner of the radiator to bleed trapped air out.

It would help to be clear on your descriptions. The swirl tank (shown in red in JFB's drawing) has a European neck in it's stock form. This uses a pressure cap, but the American caps (Stant, etc.) don't seal well because the neck is too deep. You need to source the correct pressure cap, or have the neck replace with a standard American neck. Any radiator shop can do it.

The Expansion Tank (green) is the one with the non-spring loaded cap - it's just a twist-off with a rubber gasket.

My car never gets to 230•... Are you asking if that is good, or bad?

PS> Most will recommend that your temp sender be moved to the engine block from the swirl tank if it hasn't been already.

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