Due to a lack of interest and commitment, the Niagara event has been cancelled.
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So daddy won't be getting me any tacky souvenirs???


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I'm sincerely disappointed, I was traveling last year at the time of the event (to finalize the purchase of my car), so I missed out. I was quite looking forward to it this year and appreciate the effort you put in to get the venues lined up for everyone.
Yes, Kingston is definitely still on. There was a lot of interest in the Niagara event but because the hotel and other costs in that area are so expensive (and certain places wanted guaranteed numbers to hold reservations), some people were sitting on the fence and not willing to commit.

Kingston is THE Canadian event (at least until the guys out west gather more momentum) and will continue to be held as it has for the last several years — rain or shine (usually some of each). It would be great if you could make it up again Mark. Your car certainly is one of the favorites!

Mark (newest member of Jersey Panteras via. POCA)
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