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I modified my ignition system a few weeks ago to install a relay to supply power to the Duraspark II ignition as per George P diagram.
After I completed the install, car fired right up, ran great. I started it about 15 times, engine cold and hot. Worked flawlessly. That was about 3 weks ago. Yesterday I went to start the car and NOTHING!

Battery fully charged
Tested the new relay for ignition power OK
Direct power pasing through relay when swithed OK
Changed to a spare coil NO change
Changed to my backup Duraspark module NO change
Checked my wiring connections, everything seems good and tight.

If this happened right after the install I would assume I did something wrong BUT the car started (about 15 times) and ran flawlessly right after I was finished. That was about three weeks ago.
Next time I try to start the car NOTHING

This one has me baffled

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Doug M


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I tried a spare plug on one of the wires. Nothing. I even pulled the wire and tested directly off the coil to eleminate a dist. problem. No spark off the coil.
It could be fuel but it squirts with the throttle and running the starter motor seems to re-fill the bowls.

For the first time in 5 months the weather here is nice enough to drive the car and it's dead. Makin me crazy.

Doug M
Originally posted by jb1490:
Distributor gear roll pin??
Is the rotor turning??
Are you getting oil pressure when cranking??


I got no helper so I can't see the rotor and turn the key at the same time but the oil pressure jumps up when I crank the starter motor so I assume it has to be turning.

No luck last night Frowner
I'll gat after it again tonight.

Doug M
The absolute first thing to check with ANY electronic ignition is, are you getting spark at a plug? Disconnect any plug wire (#8 is convenient), attach the plug wire to a spare spark plug and attach a ground wire to the steel plug's shell. Crank the engine: if no spark, change the module. O'Reilleys Auto Parts (formerly Kragens) has them for $37-$40.
Like 100% of electronic ignitions, the module will fail whenever it feels like it! I carry a spare along with an extra e-coil, which by the way is a valuable upgrade to the std Duraspark ignition, 'cause e-coils do not burn out. Can-of-oil coils do and usually take the module with them.

The top of the oil pump shaft is flopped over to one side of the galley. I've rotated it several times but it seems like the bottom of the dist. shaft is hitting the top of the oil drive shaft and won't engage because the oil shaft is off centre.

I,ve never had a project fight back the way this one is.

Doug M

The top of the oil pump shaft should have a taper, as does the bottom (inside) of the dist shaft, thus allowing the two to "find" each other.

Measure the hex in the bottom of both of your distributors. Maybe the new one is smaller, or has a burr on it. Try inserting an allen wernch as a test fit. Also measure the OD of the old and new dist shafts at the oil pump drive end.

Update: I'll probably never know what was wrong with the Duraspark. Every component checked out to spec when tested individually, but put them together in the car and it wouldn't work. Very strange.
New complete MSD installed. Digital 6AL box, distributer and coil. Had a b---- of a time getting the dizzy in but finally success.
Double checked all my wiring so I don't fry the new stuff when I turn the key.
Turn the key and it lit right away. Warm it up. Set timing to 14deg.
Nice day here so out she went for the first time since last Oct. Ran great.

Life is good again.
Thanks for the help.

Doug M
Sometimes buying new is the way to go. Though we all want to understand what is wrong. When my Longchamp arrived, the orig Holley was in miserable shape. To make the story short, I had it on and off 15 times trying stuff, and I had used half a tank of gas testing in the garage. Ended up buying a new Summit 600 vacuum carb, worked right out of the box, and has ever since.

Congrats on getting it fixed, fixing cars is fun, but we got to remember to drive them as well
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