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A big thanks to David & Robert (& Laine) for driving all the way from Montreal to support us Ottawa owners. It was great to meet Robert, Laine, Johnathan and Enzo and see David again. Proof again that Pantera owners are generally a wonderful bunch of nice , down-to-earth people who are great fun to pass time with. The fact that we all get to drive home in Panteras is icing on the cake. I'm looking forward to our next gathering in Montreal, and to some local gatherings to trade tips and skills. Please check out the gallery in my previous post.
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Our thanks to Mark and Yasmin for showing us all a great time. Our cars got rave reviews as we set off Ferrari alarms all across town. I must have had a dozen people tell me about their neighbor who has a Pantera in his garage. We shared names and numbers and we'll work on getting them out to our next event. I'd be honoured to host some noisy guests next time. Stay tuned.
Thanks to Mark and Jasmin for hosting us today. It was great driving down to Ottawa, got a great view of David's(CAT) rear end. I always found the rear of a Pantera exciting. The day was wonderful even though we were out numbered 50 to 1, when it was time to start the engines only the cats were heard. What an experience


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It was nice to finally meet all together at such an event. Mark, Dave and Robert; you are a great bunch of guys, we should meet more often. Special thanks to Dave and Rob for coming all the way from Montreal, I hope you didn’t get any speeding tickets on the way back. With 4 Panteras at the parade I think Ottawa has a better understanding of what a Pantera is. The one thing I didn’t like was BMW, Porsche, Mini….. but no mention of Panteras, Pantera is an Italian manufactured car and this was for Italian week. I already have Mark’s email if Dave and Rob can send me theres ill email you guys some tips.
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