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I am posting this for member Rick Coye:


I wanted to share this Picture of my Dad in his Panatera and a picture of the Plaque he received when he purchase it. It was the third Pantera delivered to California ... June 29, 1971. Jerry West Got the first one delivered as I recall. Dad bought his in Whittier Ca. at the authorized Lincoln Merc dealer.

I sold this car for my father to the owner of a major car dealership in Torrance Ca. I cant remember his name, Thorton maybe? That must have been the late 1980's or the early 1990's. The dealer had promised to restore the vehicle to show quality. I was just curious to see if he lived up to the promise and see if the car was ever shown? I also wonder where it is?

Thank You Ladies and Gentleman...Best Regards, Rick Coye


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Actually - the top car (1343) is a Pushbutton, and both the cars on the plaques are "L" cars...

But that brings up a good point - if the first car was a Pushbutton, and it was the third car brought into CA - how would they have an "L" car on the plaque, unless the plaque was created and delivered in 1973/74?

I don't think the Pantera Dealers Association had that good of a crystal ball. Maybe King, or someone else knows something more about the history of these plaques?

These plaques say "Registered Pantera Owner" - Maybe this was an early form of POCA?

And honestly, that's pretty darn good service if a car dealer delivered ANYTHING to you 2-3 years after you purchased something from them!

Thanks -


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