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Looks to me like the builder added those squared-off panels to convey the look of the GT5. Interesting idea, but since the curved-edges of the upper panels remain, not totally convincing.

Some very odd details and customization on that car. I'd say that the price looks a bit optimistic given what REAL GT5s have sold for in the last few years.

For posterity

The owner (located in Woodinville, Washington), is asking $87,500.

The forum has one former member from Woodinville, Rod Mueller. No posts since 2002.

This pre-L was once located in Tennessee as per Van Ness. It is currently located in Washington. Both are MOIST states.

The value of the car would improve if it were restored rather than customized/personalized ... or even if it were a "reverent" & "authentic" clone of a GT5. Buyers in states with strict smog laws like "reverent" & "authentic" clones. Some things are best left to the Italians.

Pic #1 - 3358 front


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