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My pet peeve as in this ebay "all original car"
All original except;
steering wheel
master clutch and brake cylinder
brake booster
radiator and fans
ALL stainless and emblems blacked out
engine bay tub felt
air filter
braided brake lines
remote oil filter and braided oil lines
The only thing I can see that is original is the front trunk felt!
OK, I'm done venting now!
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Agreed. Now some of these things may be nicer or safer (steering wheel, braided stainless brake lines, etc.) but downright dishonest to say "This is an ALL original car, that is the most complete we have ever seen as it comes with everything the day it was purchased in '73" unless they have boxes of every one of those original parts too. But still not an ALL original car!
And the luggage rack! And the radio antenna on the left fender , sift knob , toggle switch under the dash,the microphone attached to the center console,the Hall Pantera airflow kit installed in the doors ( Kid) behind the armrest and most likely the door jamb.
It does look like a decent car but not an ALL original car for sure! And NOT a $72,000 car.


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