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The term "pool" vehicle was given to a vehicle ordered by an office of Ford Motor Company (Lincoln/Mercury office in this case) typically to be used to promote the vehicle. Many times given to celebrities, or high profile individuals to be seen driving the vehicle. A Ford office was assigned "X" number of vehicles for its personnel at each office and then a number of "pool" vehicles to introduce new models, etc.
My radiator failed today , looks like the original radiator as well, i noticed the replacements hacve the pipes on one side , mine is different, as seen by the pictures. I presume i will also need the replacement sensors for the fans.
The strange thing was , one pipe was below the front stabiliser bar and one was above?? it then had bits of rubber added to bar to protect the pipes surely that is not how they designed this.

I was thinking all "original" radiators were two pass, that is both inlet and outlet on the right side near the vertical center. I don't recall the routing of the two similair hard pipes.

Your single pass has one advantage over the original in that the outlet is in the upper tank to reduce the possiblity of having trapped air.

something to be aware off though is that both your temperture switches are in the inlet tank


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JFB is correct- OEM Pantera radiators have the inlet & outlets on the right side, with the two Lucas fan sensors stacked on the right. Someone did what I did in the '70s- took the leaky OEM to a rad shop & had a new core installed, and they used what they had available. Don't bother replacing the OEM fan sensors- they always leak and usually don't work long. Leaks allow coolant to collect inside the chin panel and rust it. Modern rads use Bosch screw-in sensors; eliminates the 3 studs/nuts/gaskets & work more dependably. And if you've gone this far, consider installing all-stainless water tubing and eliminate yet another source of rusting. All the vendors sell 'kits' with cut-to-size Gates Green Stripe hose sections & good quality worm-screw hose clamps. Some use two clamps at each point for insurance.

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