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Raiden; You have an L Pantera and there should be no significant difference in value.
Your vehicle is pictured in the Pantera Registry ( And, as you state, it appears your vehicle was built in Oct. 1973. Your title should be the official model year. Go to Ownership Issues Forum on this website and find "Pantera Production History" which will help you understand Pantera production and serial number designation with model year. There were carryover '72's sold as '73s and late 73 productin sold as '74s. From what has been discussed on this forum and in other publications, Ford and Detomaso Pantera constantly were having issues with when the car was built vs what model year designation it had. In '72 the U.S. manufacturers were somewhat consistent in introducing the following years model in the fall preceeding the calender year. Seemingly, Panteras, by the time they were produced, serialized, model year became somewhat vague, other than once it was determined that a certain serial number started a model year, the following VIN's became that model year.
My car #6638 would have been manufactured within days of yours.

It is one of the cars Julian is referring to. Brought to the U.S. as a 74 model and re-registered as a 73 to avoid the new smog laws.

It is still registered as a 73 but if you follow the VIN year charts it is a 74.

I don't think you will find much price difference in price between 73 and 74 years based solely on model year. An L is an L.

Doug M
the whole vin # is THPNNK06591. From what I've read here, that would indicate:

T: DeTomaso
H: Assembled at Modena, Italy
PN: Pantera
N: Year Built 1973
L: October

So I am wondering, was it sent here as a 1974, but with a VIN reflecting 1973, or is the Year built, just that - the year it was built, not the "model" year.

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