The registry entry provides little information other than that it was originally sold in Canada, the car was added to Chuck's registry in 2010 at which time it was for sale in Nova Scotia. So it has apparently been a Canadian car throughout its entire history. Perhaps a Canadian member is familiar with this car?

The car looks good in pictures, it is well maintained but not restored. Its a 1984 vehicle, therefore the rubber parts, such as suspension bushings and cooling system hoses are getting old, hard, and prone to failure.

I'm going to add a few pictures from the eBay listing for future reference, because the eBay listings do not last forever.


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In the summer I sold my KVA GT40 to a guycalled Anthony Lewis in Nova Scotia who told me at one time he owned a 1984 GT5. There can't be that many GT5's in NS, so wonder if this is his old car.

Originally posted by Denis C:
car is well known by our friend Jonathan. David and Mark will certainly tell you more about this car.

That's not the same car. I have not seen the second red GT-5 but Jonathan certainly has. The car was sold out of the East Coast a year or two ago as stated. Other than that I don't know anything more about the car unfortunately.


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