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After a 4-year absence from Pantera ownership it only took 1 day before I broke something on the new cat. I decided to check the function of the hazard lights forgetting how fragile these switches are regardless of limited to no use. Sure, enough just like the Pantera before it, it popped out but would not stay locked back in. I reached out to my old friend and the wizard of all things electrical for Panteras, Jon Haas of Panter Electronics. For those of you older owners you are likely familiar with his numerous products engineered specifically for our cars. The hazard switch is not one of his designs, but a switch used on numerous 70s-80s Bimmers. Jon stocks them and includes un like a generic seller dummy proof instructions for both early and L models. I also ordered some of his outstanding LED bulbs for the gauges and speedo/tach. They make a tremendous difference in the lighting of these instruments where you can actually see/use them at night. And yes, he includes instructions although most of you would say well “duh” who needs instructions? But there are some useful tips besides the obvious.  

What is most special about Jon is that unlike some Pantera venders who seem put out by inquiries of small dollar parts orders Jon treats you like you just bought his entire catalog of parts. In the past he has helped me with non-Pantera related electrical issues and also Pantera electrical parts not of his manufacture. He answers his phone and returns text and e-mails. Is this a big deal? It is to me when others treat customer service as optional. Jon is just a super nice guy and a pleasure to work with. I am so glad he continues to develop products for our now 50+ year old cars.

So, if you have not checked out his website you should.

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I 100% agree and have installed many of his upgrades in my 72 pre-L.

I had a couple of issues that weren't Jon's fault and he was amazing the deal with and super helpful throughout the process. The true test of any company is how they are to work with when things go wrong and I have to give Jon a AAAAA+++++ How often do you get to interact with the person that designed the parts.

My car had tons of electrical issues when I got it last year and his parts addressed all of them.

He is awesome and it's great to give business to someone that supports and is part of the community!

He lists his recommendation on which upgrades you should do first on his site.  I've done the following upgrades from Jon:

Fuse panel

headlight controller

console controller

ac controller

controller mounting panel

led gauge bulbs

led courtesy light

led footwell lights

internally regulated alternator

flasher upgrade

ignition controller with push button switch

i just did Wilwood brakes on my car so my brake is all set.  

he provides very detailed installation instructions and almost anything you do can be reversed back to factory if for some reason you wanted to do that  

considering adding the fan controller next winter. I like what he's done with the switches but prefer the original factory look.  

Bet you do not have his new license plate light. 🧐🧐

It is a printed circuit board that has white LEDs to illuminate the license plate, but it also contains red LEDs that are activated through a connection to the brake light circuit.

All of it fits inside the OEM plate light housing.

I haven’t installed mine yet, but anything to help get the attention of gawking drivers of brand-X  cars seems like a good idea to me  


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