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The driver's side exhausts on my Pantera were loose and shaking.  A quick look proved that the exhaust hanger, the rubber, was torn and needed to be replaced.  I contacted Mr. Fiat and although they don't list one for the Pantera, Tony Miles was kind enough to take the dimensions of the one for their Alfa Romeo GT Junior GTV and send them to me.  They appeared to be an exact match.  So I ordered one from them to see it in person and try it out.  It arrived today, and it is an EXACT match.  Identical to the last millimeter.  Their part number is ARGIU086.  Best of all, it was only $8 with another $8 for shipping, which is the cheapest option out there even after you include the shipping cost.  I have attached photos of the one from Mr. Fiat next to another original Pantera exhaust rubber I obtained elsewhere.  You could not tell them apart even if you were holding them.  The one on the right is from Mr. Fiat.  As I said, identical in every way.  I installed it (very easy installation) and it fit perfectly.  Just thought you guys might want to know there is another source for these and you don't have to get ripped off by people on eBay.


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I took the part number off the sales receipt they placed in the package that was mailed to me.  In either case, I communicated to Mr. Fiat about how perfectly the part fit, and they are going to include it on their website as a Pantera part as well.  Once it's posted, I am sure they will assign a Pantera part number to it.  Until then, I think either part number you listed will work.  Just to make sure, I would speak to Tony Miles over at Mr. Fiat and let him know exactly what you want, and he will match it up for you and make sure you get the right one.

Good tip. Due to the closeness of the engine to the mufflers, Pantera & Mangusta hangers run very hot. I soldered a galvanized adapter together to run idle exhaust out thru my garage wall using a dryer vent, and 450 degree solder melted within 5 minutes. I've seen some 'muffler hangers' that looked like a piece of old tire tread, and it failed quickly.


I am not on the forum to create debates or controversies, I am just here to try to make my experience of the competition better serve the members of the community of the forum.

I do not sell any part ..... I have a lot of difficulty, moreover, to find the last parts of details that I miss.

And if I send information to you, I don`t believe the price show after transportation, customs and tax will be the same (and it is normal)

Sorry for my english, i'm french speaking

I received the same rock hard hangers when I purchased a set from Wilkinson Pantera. I called and spoke with Steve, told him they might as well have been machined out of aluminum, and his only response was he has sold dozens of them. He did accept them returned for credit.

I then purchased a set from Alfa Romeo  vendor CenterlineAlfa that were much more flexible




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I am sorry for your bad experience.  The ones I received from Mr. Fiat are flexible yet with just enough firmness to make me believe they will last a long time.  They were definitely not stiff or hard.  And those folks were very pleasant and helpful.  Before I bought them, I asked if they have the dimensions.  So they took one and send me photos showing exact dimensions using a caliper down to the a millimeter.  So even before I paid for them, I knew at least the dimensions were exactly the same as the original ones on my car.  I hope that helps.  By the way, I am in no way affiliated with Mr. Fiat, but I do enjoy good customer service.  And their price was way, way, way cheaper than what some folks are charging on eBay, which is a downright ripoff.

Great picture of the hanger Robert.

I debated mightily with myself if those clips went on the inside or the outside of the u bracket . Chose wrong - put then on the outside because on the inside the rubber would not let them fit without pulling the u bracket apart quite a bit and hammering them in .

The PW rubber hangers look thicker than those shown in your picture. 

As Percy found out, the ones from Mr. Fiat are too thick at the bracket ends.  If they are used without the rectangular plates, the spacer that goes inside the hole in the rubber hanger is too short, which won't allow the bolt to reach its proper torque without severely crushing (deforming) the rubber and bending the u-bracket.

The simple solution for these rubber hangers is to trim the thick ends with a bandsaw so that the entire hanger is the same thickness.


Mine were from WP so it looks like all the suppliers have the same item and its consistently too wide.

My solution was to make a longer crush spacer for the bolt , use the full width rubber hanger in the u bracket and put the pinch washers on the outside of the u bracket. They still grab the rubber over the end of the u bracket and you get some benefit from the heavier hanger rubber.

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