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Prefer to sell all 13 as a whole lot....$ availalble on request.

Book DeTomaso The Man and the Machines Wallace Alfred Wyss Very Good $90.00

Book Panteras For The Road Henry Rasmussen Very Good $25.00

Book Pantera 1970-1973 Brookland Books Very Good $40.00

Book Pantera Buyers Guide All De Tomaso Cars Rob de la Rive Box & Matthew L.Stone Very Good $70.00

Book DeTomaso Automobiles Wallace Alfred Wyss Very Good $49.00

Book DeTomaso Pantera Owner Manual 5/71-S1/2000 Good $40.00

Book HalTech Injection Fuel Management System 3 books Good $5.00

Book How to Rebuild Ford Engines V8 Tom Monroe Very Good $8.50

Book Musclecar & Hi-Pro Engines Ford 351C & Boss 351 Brookland Books Very Good $10.00

Newspaper/Magazine Competition Press and Autoweek April 1, 1972 Geneva Auto Show Pantera Very Good $18.00

Paper Bill Mason on Panteras Maybe Incomplete? Poor $5.00

Magazine Road Test August 1972 Pantera Update Very Good $18.00

Model Detomaso Pantera GT5 Excellent $70.00
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