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After owning my car for 43 years I've accumulated a great deal of everything Pantera. In sorting through many papers, I ran across something called Pantera Owners Club of America Parts Exchange with a list of parts that must be shared with other cars. For example, Steering Column - 1971-1972 Mercury Capri. It includes model numbers for both. The list has 9 items, some match Volvo some Alfa Romero, most Mercury Capri. There is no telling how old this list is, and I may be missing pages.  Is there a new version of such a list?

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As indicated, the list was put together by Ted Mitchell. He was one of the OG master mechanics in the earlier days of the pantera. Just passed away in the last two or three years.  Perhaps best known for his low profile, Vader headlights and his last major upgrade being the modified door window lift system adapted from the Early 90s crown Vic.

some of his cross overs are spot on, others I had not previously heard of. For some items the passage of time means our Pantera vendors are now a better source than trying to find the vintage cars referenced in Ted‘s list.

One crossover involved using Chrysler a-arm bushings. Surprise, they were not metric in their dimensions and required using larger bolts after drilling out the chassis mounting brackets. 😳😳

I hate that type of cheap ass approach that forever leaves that chassis with the scars left by the previous owner trying to save a dollar or two. Mild rant mode - OFF 😉


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