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I believe the original Pantera never had any side mirrors that came from the factory. Are there any options as to the nicest looking mirrors that should go with the Pantera. I thought about period correct mirrors vs something more modern such as the mirrors on the new Camaro. What are your options.


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When I was looking for mirrors, I prowled all the photos of cars on the internet to get a taste of what others have done. Also strolled the parking lot at work to see what cars had interesting mirrors with a configuration that might work.

You have to decide whether you want door mounted or front quarter window mounted. The other choice is vintage style (chrome) or modern swoopy design. It is largely a matter of personal choice and how good you are at fabrication / adaptation.

I went with an aftermarket BMW M3 '95-'99 style. The flag is separate from the mirror so you can have the two tone effect shown in the photo below. There is some significant fabrication to make the flag fit the contour of the glass. Grinding off the mounting bosses and epoxy squeeze to pick up the contour of the glass.


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I have two comments:

If showing well at a concourse type auto show is a goal, then the mirrors should be "period correct" as opposed to modern mirrors.

If showing well is not a goal, then there are many excellent modern choices, but one of the mistakes I see in regards to mirrors is using mirrors that are too large or draw too much attention to themselves. For instance there is one very expensive modern exotic car with mirrors that are so large they look like they belong on a full size truck, if they were air foil shaped the car would be capable of flight Smiler.

Mirrors should blend into the lines and color scheme of the car, they should be easily overlooked or ignored, or compliment the trim, they should never exist as a focal point. Some mirrors would work better painted flat black rather than matched to a bright body color.

There are plenty of old threads about mirrors. Selecting mirrors is a hot topic for many owners. Searching the word mirror in the coach forum turns up several interesting results.

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Are there any options as to the nicest looking mirrors that should go with the Pantera.[/QUOTE]

I used testarosa mirrors on my car and am very happy with them. They extend out far enough that i don't really have a "blind spot" any more I also got rid of the little quarter window. The post for the window was always in the middle of the mirror so i had custom glass made and reworked the door to allow for a more modern one piece glass.


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Originally posted by Rick R:
I just wish I had a nice picture of them like RobertVegas has.

Move to Vegas, we do shoots a couple of times a year. Here is my Porsche and my friend's Diablo:

Model Shoot 14 by ReverClothing, on Flickr

Model Shoot 15 by ReverClothing, on Flickr

Model Shoot 18 by ReverClothing, on Flickr


I absolutely want a set like yours. I have been looking for a set, but they are all ugly and I don't know about putting the fuel filler back under the hatch. Hard to find shocks that hold it up during the winter.

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