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My father who was a car guy built his own car which he never completed. In the end dementia has taken his mind. Its sad as he was a tool and die maker and enjoyed working with his hands. He purchased the transaxle at least 20-25 years ago and has been sitting in the garage since.

I have been doing some homework and I finally found out that the serial number and info is located on a plaque on the shifter housing. What I found there were just two rivets and no plaque. I have no idea why? In the latter years of my fathers disease he was doing some very bizarre things that we still keep on finding. Sadly its a needle in a haystack as he has 6 garages worth of accumulated stuff!

I checked a few things on the transaxle. Main shaft turns smoothly and so do the outputs. The limited slip seems to be there and working. Oil is clean and clear and it does shift. I did check the gear ratios by hand and they are the Pantera ratios;
1st. 2.23
2nd. 1.47
3rd. 1.04
4th. .846
5th. .705
R. 2.86
RP. 4.22

Serial number 9171
seems to be based on casting stamping as shown in 3rd last picture.

I was asked by Mike at GT40 forums to open the Diff cover and take a few pics of the ring and pinion to show their condition. The last two pics are the gears. I have touched nothing else. Would rather leave everything including housing cleanup to the buyer.

If you have someone local to Toronto, you are welcome to arrange a meeting to inspect. I will also pack / crate unit for shipping if a buyer wants. I will leave shipping logistics to the buyer. Price 5100 USD

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