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The factory parking brake linkage mount on my car was chopped out and then welded back in place like a piece of farm equipment.  It looks like it will be more practical for me to fabricate a removable mount rather than resuscitate the original piece that is mangled.  The car is now setup with a nice removable crossmember.  Thus, it makes sense to setup a removable parking brake mount in case the oil pan needs to be dropped.  Ipsco offered such in the past. It looks like it is no longer offered.  It does not look difficult to fabricate one of these.  Please let me know if you have made one or if you have other suggestions.

Mikes hand brake 2


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If I recall my old reading material (either old POCA Newsletters, or PI News), it is easy to move the roller outboard on the arm, resulting in a higher clamping force at the brakes per unit motion of the arm….

My guess is you would want to be judicious in the amount of our boarding you do. Maybe an inch?



I found the mount for the parking brake lever and modified it to be removable.  I plan to rivet it in place.  Later if needed the rivets could be drilled out and the mount could be removed to extract the oil pan.

I am still missing a couple of parts.  I need the lever that bolts onto the mount in my photo above.  I also need the rubber boot or the complete hand brake lever in the cabin.  Here are photos of what I need.  I you have them and they are gathering dust please let me know.




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