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yea my girl took them there was afew more but they were of the pavement ...LOL

yes the GTS ran really well but I was scared of blowing it up ... heard the valves float a couple times at 6500 ... a little scary when you cant hear the motor. But all in all the 79 is heavier then the earlier models and you can feel this car needs more HP. But thats what 6479 is for. Ok end of June we do it again.
Thanks Ron. Pennsylvania. I drove through there once, must be in northern PA.

Also if you were at 6500 rpm in 5th gear, a more powerfull engine will not make it go any faster unless it also has a higher redline. If you keep the 6500 rpm redline you will have to go a taller 5th gear to go any faster.
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Never fear ... 6476 will be dropped to the ground with a front air dam to keep the air from under her. redline hear that is fine .. the real challange is getting it to hanlde better. a little scary at 130 coming out of the straight away into the bank turn in a stock car. But a real rush.

The goal is to spank the Ferrari's at the next event. A MAN WITH A MISSION. LOL

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