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This is a Pantera project that I received in February this year.  It is a 1972 Pre L that is setup as a GTS.  I am working on finalizing primer in the engine bay.  The second and third photo is the how the project came to me and the remaining photos show how the car looked before the engine bay project was begun by the prior owner.  



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@rocky posted:

Nitrous & IR Fuel Injection?

Very cool!  Looks fun!

I actually like nitrous because I once added it to an underpowered water ski boat and it really did the trick.  We only used it to pull skiers out of the water and one tank lasted the whole season.  The 4 cylinder Mercruiser engine did not seem to mind it at all.

But using nitrous to add ~100 hp at wide open throttle to this car's 351C that already has ample hp is probably not for me and I plan to sideline its nitrous system.

Just an aside, when you run nitrous your spark plugs look like brand new upon inspection.

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