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Dear Jack-

I absolutely love my Pantera, but I have a quirky little problem that I
can't figure out. If I drive the car at night with the headlights and
running lights on I notice a light that intermittently goes on and off from
under my dash as I break. It appears to be right behind the instrument
cluster and I notice it going on and off as I hit bumps and turn. Not that
I can drive the car with my head down there at the same time at night, I
have still not been able to locate the source of this light. All dash
lights are accounted for, and everything looks fine. I have gotten down
under the dash with a flashlight during the day time and do not see
anything that looks like a bulb hanging or dangling out of place?? Do you
got any ideas.

I also have a question regarding my cooling system. I have no problem with
my 73 with stock (pusher) fans and a Pantera Performance stand up radiator.
My temp never gets past 160 according to the gauge. Do you suspect my gauge
or sending unit is faulty given everyone elses problems? Just curious.

Chris #5796
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Sounds like your brake pad warning light is shorting out against your stainless steel brake lines. Mine has done this twice. The wire gets worn out & rubs against metal (which grounds) and turns on the white light between the tach & speedo. A little electrical tape should fix it. Trace the wire starting at the front brake pads. Good luck!
There is a small bulb that is the warning light for your alternator, that is sometimes knocked out of its socket in the speedo. When you drive and turn, the bulb & socket swing around and momentarily ground, lighting the bulb. This is important to fix if this is the loose light, because if theis bulb is ungrounded, the next time you start the engine, the alternator field is deactivated and a perfectly good alternator won't charge your battery! Another possibility is one of the two tiny lights that illuminate your washer & wiper switches. Getting these things back in place will be a memorable experience (send the kids to bed before trying this!) They are rather high up behind the dash, near the left side. The dash is fiberglas, so start the car at night in your dark garage, in neutral, get under the dash and have someone thump the dash. The light should light up as it grounds probably against the steering or a brace.
As for your non-problem cooling system, the stock setup was for the temp sending unit to be mounted halfway up in the surge tank next to the right head. If the water level drops below the sender, your gauge wll read the air temp above the rapidly overheating water level. Coincidently, this is often about 160 degrees.... The fix is to remove the bulkhead cover from between the seats, exposing the engine. Just below the thermostat in the block is a 1/4" pipe plug; remove it. Remove the water temp sensor from the surge tank, and swap the two. Now, you'll read the water temp in the block regardless of water level in the tank. This gives a much truer picture of engine status. 351Cs run around 190-210 when things are OK; "hot" is around 245. Dealers tried to reassure people of this by recalibrating the early 0-220 temp gauges with an in-line resistor in the gauge line, which changes the true water temp reading. Later Panteras had a 0-260 gauge and (usually)no resistor lying to them.
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