I want to install an aftermarket air cleaner on my Holley Carb, but the dip stick that feeds straight back along the valve cover interferes with the air cleaner sitting on the carb.

Any advice on how to move the dip stick out of the way or to a new location? Would like to keep the original dip stick, but I'm open to suggestion.

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Check out these alternatives...

Dipstick from Audi V6
Source: http://realbig.com/pipermail/d...November/090300.html
You can buy two Audi V6 dipsticks and cut the handle off one and the tip off the other and braze or tig weld them together at the correct length.

Thomas Tornblom did this to get a dipstick with an O-ring seal at the handle to avoid any air leaks that upset his EFI.

The dipsticks are dirt cheap, even for being genuine Audi parts. He paid less than $10 apiece.

Dipstick from Ford Econoline Van
In the course of doing a 392 Windsor swap in his Pantera, Trevor Fourgere we came across a very nice solution to the Windsor dip stick issue, which may also work for you - although I don't know if the Windsor and Cleveland dipstick holes are the same diameter.

The dipstick and tube that came with the 1990 Ford Econoline Vans that have the 351W engine is a direct fit to Panteras with a Windsor swap.

Ford Motor Company part numbers:
F2UZ-6750-B dipstick
F5UZ-6754-B tube

This combination curves back over the block, much like the stock Pantera dipstick tube. A little extra bending and a shortening of the tube and stick by about 6 inches leaves the handle nicely positioned at the rear of the block. The shortening was done at the handle end, thus requiring no modifications at the business end in the timing cover.

The front of the stock Pantera dipstick guide has an adel-clamp that bolts it to the front of the right cylinder head. By taking the clamp off and turning it 180 degrees so the bolt and clamp-loop are to the right of the dipstick guide instead of to the left, the guide-and-dipstick moves substantially at the other end. The dipstick guide is soft steel tubing and bends easily. This simple change may create enough clearance for whatever contact you have, without having to fabricate something.
Lokar has in the past provided owners with a custom made. flexible, stainless steel braided hose/tube that is cut to final length by the owner.

They did this about 2003 for a PCNC member, and the Lokar rep was named Denver. He has since left Lokar, but I think others have found success with this solutions since his departure.

It looked great, was easy to install, was totally flexible and would be a good solution for your problem.

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