S/N 9193. Girling rear brake caliper.
Re sealing the rear calipers and the nylon plastic piece that goes around the parking brake lever on the caliper broke.
Anyone know where to get a replacement or have a p/n for it ?
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Punky, Larry Stock in NV rebuilds all the calipers and has the kits and some plastic parts available. (www.panteraparts.com)
I think they're nylon which hardens & gets brittle over multiple decades. Note that there are many metal parts on these calipers that interchange side-to-side, and which defines which side the assembly fits on. It's an easy mistake to swap parts side-to-side and wind up with an assembly that cannot be used on your Pantera. I've done this. Take lots of photos before ripping yours apart. Note that the Pantera Service Highlights manual shows a rudimentary rebuild of the calipers.
Thanks Boss
I am a bit of a newbi on this stuff since I come from aviation.
I have been studying the rear brakes and have concluded that's a bit convoluted.
Never the less I'm gonna put it all together and see how they work.
Not gonna be on a race track and living in LA were speeds above 35 are becoming rare I think they'll be fine.
Ouestion, the square / parallelogram o rings, which way do the go into the caliper ?
Manual doesn't say. I think it's wide side to the top of the piston.
I would like to see a drawing of a Wildwood installation to see if it's simpler.
And yes the rear brake system is used on a Pugeot 504.
The guys in CO. did have the nylon guides. Thought I was shafted on that.

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