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The Track Boss bypass plate works with a proper 351C thermostat and the block-off plate you have is designed to work with a 351W thermostat. The block-off/351W T-stat "thing" only existed because real 351C thermostats were hard to find. Do yourself a favor and restore your cooling system back to its "as designed" functionality. Remove the block-off plate, install the Track Boss bypass plate and use a real 351C thermostat. T Meyer has them, if you don't already have one.

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The copper ring fits on the bottom of a standard Robertshaw thermostat.

it converts it to the correct configuration for the Cleveland engine.

The copper ring fits down inside of the restrictor plate to control the flow of bypass coolant.

I can’t remember how it works exactly, but when the engine is cold, coolant circulates within the block. When the engine warms up, the copper hat, and the restrictor plate forces flow up through the thermostat and then to the radiator.




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