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Just got back from a test drive and am super happy with how this turned out.
Total cost was around $110. The originals were cheap Wagner incandescent and were bordering on dangerous.

The lamps came from these guys. Toyota OEM, excellent quality, made in Japan. They have a nice sharp cut off and look great too, so much better than the cheap sealed beams that were in there. They come with a nice harness and relays which I don't need. Ordered on a Monday, arrived Wednesday (Utah to California, UPS).

For bulbs I used Beamtech H4 bulbs, around $40 on Amazon. I've used these for years in motorcycles and they've been flawless. Well built, excellent cut-off, no fans, no external box.

One interesting thing, when I had just one bulb attached and powered it stuck on high beam. As soon as I added a the second, everything worked normally. I have the Pantera Electronics Headlight Motor Control which may have something to do with that, I'll ask Jon.

If this looks weird, make sure it's in 1080P:


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