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inboard, because they chance the driver seat to the passenger side also the knob location chance .

They do this when the driver seat is broken or wearing out .

Look on your passenger seat , maybe the inboard from the seat has some wear .

But ofcourse it's possible that when the seats are recovered they mount the sliding rails wrong .


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As Marlin said, both knobs inboard toward the console. Its quite possible to snap the plastic knob off if it goes up your pants leg, upon entering the car from either side. Or tear open your pants cuff if not wrench your knee. This is basic common sense; I don't much care what was 'Stock"- Ford engineering was not perfect..The rails are perfectly interchangeable side to side.

Appreciate the input! Not a big issue - just curious more than anything else.

My seats have the original covers and are both in great shape so no reason for anyone to swap sides. The drivers seat cushion foam is more collapsed than the passenger side, so I assume the seats have not been switched side to side.

With the knobs outboard, they are a bit tight into the rocker/carpet so this position did not seem logical. Yet, I have seen some pics of cars with them inboard and outboard.

I need to replace the rollers in both seats so I will fix it then. I will swap the seats side to side to take advantage of the better foam from the passenger side.

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