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I have recently decided to sell, but this for another opportunity I can't pass up. I spoke with Jerry at PIM who buys and sells Panteras ALL the time, and he said the market is a bit soft right now. There have been a lot of cars come on the market recently.  His advice was if timing is not an issue, wait a few months.

I love the car and thought I never would sell, but plans change and so does your perspective. It is no longer a cool car but a big paycheck that can fulfill another dream.

I actually left mine at my parents place 5hrs away for a month between doing shows with my father, and I actually missed it.  It just felt much better being back in my garage.   If you can take it somewhere, where you can't have access to it and it doesn't bother you and leaves your thoughts its likely time to sell.  If you think about it, (even if you don't drive it) you are probably not ready to let it go or will regret it.

As for the market being soft it might be, but there have been some decent sales throughout this year on Bring a Trailer.  Prices may be more reflective on there than on EBay. 

I found myself in the same situation about 5 years ago.  Ever since I bought my 5.0L Jag XKR about 6 years ago, I was never driving the Pantera.  It was just too much of a pain in the ass.  I'd always have a problem starting it, I couldn't drive it in Los Angeles traffic and heat without the worry (and the actuality) of overheating, the seats were lousy, and with my XKR, it was considerably quicker, very luxurious, I didn't have to think about any external conditions, and was much more manageable on the track as well.  So, I also thought about selling my '72.  Instead, and mostly because of my emotional attachment to its beauty, I decided that I was going to make it into a car that was more user friendly.  And for the past four years, it has been changed to accomplish this.  Gone is the finicky carb, installed is fuel injection.  I already had a Fluidyne radiator but added higher capacity fans.  Tore out the entire interior, installed C-4 seats swathed in leather with diamond quilted stitching, covered the entire interior the same way including the dash.  We replaced the non original motor with a potent, built 500hp Cleveland, installed harnesses for the completely non-functioning seat belts, installed flush windshield glass for a more svelte look.  Resprayed the already good paint with a high quality paint job, tidied up the suspension, fixed the exhaust leaks and installed a new exhaust system.  And I have just gotten the car back a couple of weeks ago.  I haven't had the time to take it out on "real" drives yet, but am aching again to do so after many years of just not wanting to bother.

So my advice to you would be to isolate the reasons for your thinking and either work to make it what you want or sell it and have peace of mind.  Good luck with your decision.Ted's Pantera


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I never thought I would sell mine.  Like most guys here, I have had many flavors of hobby hot rods.  This car really checks all the boxes.  I drive it most days, and it has been a good car over the past 12 odd years.

However, as I get older, I do see a day when it will drive away to a new life.  The time will be right when the time will be right.

I'll miss it, and of course it's not about the money at all, but hey, what a great time we had together over the years....

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