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Here's a rare opportunity.

I am the original owner of a Shelby intake manifold for the 351C 4V designed for Holley 4500 Dominator carburetors. I'm thinking about selling it and the carburetor together as a set. It may go on eBay soon, perhaps as soon as tomorrow.

The manifold is in good condition, the exhaust heat ports were welded-up way back decades ago. When relieving the #3 runner for bolt clearance, back when I acquired the manifold, I ground the #3 runner too thin, so I had to have it welded up a bit. There were never any issues due to that little weld spot, it gives the manifold character, like a scar acquired in a bar fight (actually its hardly noticeable). I used the manifold on my Mach I Mustangs (2 of them). And I sat it on the shelf back in the 1990s. The manifold was sand blasted and powder coated silver a few years ago. I was prepping it for installation on my Pantera.

The carburetor is an early list 80186, 750 cfm. But it looks much bigger, so you can lie to your buddies, tell them its 1050 cfm, and scare the hell out of them. Smiler This early version has ports for PCV hook-up and ported vacuum for the ignition. The newer versions don't have that. It has annular boosters, its a double pumper, mechanical secondary. 4 corner idle adjustment, but no choke mechanism. It was working when I put it on the shelf way back in the 1990s. It comes with a new fuel supply manifold and a new throttle return spring set-up.

I'll also throw in an air filter base for dominator carbs, and a stack of 4500 carb base gaskets.

I can post more pictures if anyone is interested.

$900 plus shipping. Let me know soon if you're interested. This ad will come down if and when I list these parts on eBay.


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