My brother in law will be in Calgary then onto Vancouver next week on business for a few days.

I am needing some parts ordering from Summit and a couple of other US suppliers and was hoping he could bring them back to the UK for me and save a bit on the international shipping etc.

What is the situation in shipping between the US and Canada these days, are there any import duties or taxes levied on parts going into Canada from the US, if so what are they.

Plan is to have the parts shipped to his hotel and he brings them back here if possible, talking around approx $700US in total parts.

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Be aware that Canada customs are the slowest I have ever come across, stuff can take weeks to get through, so timing of a delivery to a hotel is very risky IMO. A lot of Calgarians ship to a PO box just over the border in Montana and drive 3 hours to pick it up!

Summit and many vendors will ship their preferred method, that is not usually USPS and exorbitant brokerage fees are applied by FedEx & UPS.

I am between Reno and Calgary all the time if you ever need a Calgary address to ship to. There is a Summit racing store here locally in Sparks, NV but look at their Intl shipping rates as they are not too bad, albeit you'll pay VAT in the UK.

When I'm out of the country and return, I have the ability to declare "goods following" along with whatever I have with me.

It may be possible for your brother to ship the parts directly home and still declare/include them in his returning duty-free allowance when he re-enters the UK. He could buy the parts and send them via USPS (mail) to save costs. You will likely find this to be not much more than shipping to Canada, and probably a lot less because of our punitive customs clearance fees in Canada.


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