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It is counterintuitive they would machine a groove and then not use that groove for an O-ring.

The drawing previously posted in this thread clearly shows a seal placed in each of the two grooves

that same drawing does not identify any component as being a bushing

that drawing is for a Ford pick up of similar vintage to our Pantera‘s. Is it possible there were different versions of this shuttle valve?

photographs can be deceptive. Are the O-rings the same size or is one larger than the other? If they are the same size then they are both designed to go in a groove. If one is larger than the other than it would seem to follow that it does not go in a groove but remains on the piston

I will say this again as it is the reason we are having this …..looooong ….discussion

take photographs whenever you take something apart.



the 2 O-rings have differents diameters:

The smallest one goes into the throat.

The larger one goes after the ring, if you put the O-ring in the groove (before the ring) there will be a leak at the contactor lamp switch because the O-ring seal is not suitable for the groove (the internal diameter is too large).

I still do not understand why there is this groove ? maybe what is used on another shuttle valve ?

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