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Hi guys,

Question: in the international De Tomaso community is there a specialist around who can independently value the cars? Basically deliver a report stating based on experience and knowledge the indicated market value is xyz.

Reason why is ask is that in my country there are no skilled and experienced valuers around who have experience cars like DeTomaso. Basically they have no clue what to look at and determine value on what they find on the interner and their own interpretation. Situation you then face is that give a value which is lower then for what you can buy another one...

I also collect C2 corvettes and face the same issue with valuing for example an original NXRS spec split window or a big-block car. As such I asked a specialist in the US to draw up and independent report and use that as a guideline to present to valuers over here. Otherwise they value it like just another corvette...

You still have then the 'ego' of the valuer to handle, but if the are a pro they should at least be open for knowledge and experience.

Would appreciate your thoughts!

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Sounds like it is for insurance purposes, do you have 'agreed value' policies in Europe? They are common over here, you agree the value you are insuring the car for and pay the premium accordingly, then if anything happens that is the amount you get. As long as your declared value is within the range of actual sales then the insurance company doesn't usually require an independent appraisal.

If it is abnormally high they might, in my case I presented he few documented sales I could find of true GT5 cars and they allowed me to insure similarly.

It depends if you need the appraisal from a licensed appraiser or just from someone knowledgeable? You could also try presenting the data Hagerty has on their valuation tool, which is derived from a cross section of recent sales.

at least in Germany you go for an evaluator, as for all evaluations. Cost you 190 € for a full detailed analysis incl. value : Market Value or Replacment Value. For most insurances you would need this anyways..
These are OFFICIAL orgs = authorized appraizer so any insurance would be obligated to take this value forward in any case.."and pay".


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