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I checked the text.    ...

" Die Übersetzung ist 1:1 und dieses Gerät dreht die Drehrichtung NICHT um (= no change in turn directions), passt also bei allen originalen 4-Gang Getrieben, Getrag 240 & 265, aber NICHT bei den ZF - 5-Gang Schaltboxen (vs. Getrag)! Die hier angebotene gekürzte Version mit einer Bautiefe vom 46mm wird komplett mit dem benötigten Antriebspin geliefert"

there seams to be besides adapter towards the ZF metrics a change in output turn directions - straigt or invers,  we need to see what our ZF /2 does. I have converted from US to EU per correct version. Need to dig out the details as there are def 2 part numbers think with dif gear ratio. And I have the correct but US Version on shelf to do measures - just need to dig it out.

Will check tomorrow..on the enjoy the Winter..

Matthias /Germany

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Good morning, John,

Of course it is stipulated that this part does not fit the ZF gearbox, it is for a Getrag gear box, but by making a small adaptation for the entry of the part, it should work. As Detomaso parts are becoming more and more rare and at prohibitive prices, it is necessary to find solutions or else you have to put your mobile phone on the dashboard with waze ..... but I do not find it very vintage.

There are two different threads for the two different speedo cable nuts, two different gear ratios and the type for Panteras uses skew gears while the type for Mangustas and very early Panteras uses bevel gears. All this info is in the TBS which EVERY owner should have.

As John said, be SURE you get the correct one for your car. The gear ratio and ZF p/n are stamped on the end. They can be lubed a bit by submerging in oil for several days. OEMs likely have no lube left, only dust. When I repair broken ones, I add a zerk fitting.

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